Building trust: the CORE of iHUMAN’s brand

iHuman is all about creating workable pathways for Edmonton youth to live healthy lives. Through these pathways, iHuman staff work with youth to establish a support system and build trust relationships.



Life Skills Development

You can take the kid out of the street but not the “street” out of the kid. iHuman youth are highly talented individuals demonstrating amazing characteristics such as creativity, loyalty, perseverance, protector instincts, ingenuity, leadership and ambition.

Natural talents redirected = positive contributing community members.


Art Mentorship

Our Arts programming involves various art mediums such as sculpting, painting, drawing, print-making, performance art, music, drama and fashion. Through creativity, youth develop their artistic and creative talents and skills and empower themselves to make positive changes towards healthy life choices. Youth exhibit their creativity in various venues facilitated by our programming staff.


Outreach Crisis Intervention

iHuman staff work daily (sometimes 24/7) with youth to establish a support system that covers their basic needs including safe shelter, food, mental and physical health care. Our outreach workers develop a trust relationship and bond with youth to deliver personal and individualized service to address needs. Collaboration and connection with a variety of social service agencies is a key focus.