Expert Tips on How to Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are short pop-up notifications that appear on the screen of a mobile phone or a regular computer and report important events and updates. With effective use, these brief informative messages are going to become your powerful marketing tool. The main purpose of push ads network is to inform users about updates to websites or applications, add new content, or about any other news.

Initially, push notifications appeared just as a way of interacting mobile applications with mobile device users, but recently technology of browser push-notifications or web push has also become very popular. Pay attention to browser push-notifications.

If we talk about browser push-notifications or web-push, then these are messages from sites that appear as pop-up windows on the user's desktop, if the latter has given permission to receive them. When clicking on push notification, the user will be redirected to a certain page of the site from which the notification came.

Using Push Ads: Tips from Specialists

Check the tips on how to make push ads the effective marketing tool so that you could benefit from their use.

  • Focus on quality. Remember that only the eye-catching content will be able to hook and hold the reader.
  • Choose the right time. Do you wonder what does this mean to choose the right time for sending push notifications? This depends on your audience, as well as the general features of content and human behavior. This is more important for information resources. For example, people often read articles about business and training in the afternoon (from 13.00 to 16.00), and entertaining texts - on the contrary, towards evening.
  • Segment your audience. During the advertising campaign and site analytics, you make a portrait or avatar of a potential buyer. This will help you create content and distribution for the user's features. This includes its location, the type of browser that it uses, as well as hobbies and interests.
  • Conduct research. Conduct regular analysis, test results and comparisons to see the results. If in a few weeks after the launch of the campaign, there is no specific increase in conversion, then you need to find the error and fix it.

Push notifications are a very effective and fairly inexpensive way to increase the conversion on the site. But it will be productive only if the content is created correctly and qualitatively.