The Forecasts for Dota2

The forecasts always attract a wide audience of bettors who put on Dota2. On this, as usual, there are many who want to earn or become famous. Today you can find thousands of public pages in social networks and sites offering both paid and free analytical forecasts for Dota 2 betting. Even bookmakers for e-sports bets in their blogs give predictions for big matches. But 9 out of 10 such resources exist, as a rule, no longer than a month, and only a few have a stable audience and show at least some results.

Should I Trust the Forecasts for Dota 2?

There is no definite answer. Any prediction is just a person’s opinion about a particular match. The quality of the forecast determines not only its outcome, but also the number of facts taken into account, their importance and overall presentation. Most often, “analysts” give predictions of the following format: “Team A will win Team B, because Team A is now stronger”. Just such predictions should not be trusted. These are just subjective guesses, not confirmed by any facts.

Dota 2 Predictions

Another thing, if the forecast comes with an explanation why team A is stronger. This may be an analysis of past matches, the identification of strengths and weaknesses, insider information about substitutions, the atmosphere within the team, etc. In addition, the forecaster must have at least some name in the DotA community or at least provide reliable statistics on his predictions for for a long time. If the analyst meets all the listed criteria, then it is likely that his predictions will have value and bring profit over the course.

How to Make a Forecast By Yourself: The Rules

If you decide not to trust your money to someone you do not know and will bet according to your own forecasts, we offer a small list of factors that should be considered when making your own forecast:

  • The current composition of teams. Perhaps, the most important criterion. As in any sport, it shows how strong the team is and what it can oppose to the opponent. You can estimate the form according to the winrate for the last month and which opponents were beaten by the strength of their opponents. It is also recommended to review the latest games and highlight strengths and weaknesses in the macro game, draft and performance.
  • Teamwork. Substitutions in Dota 2, especially in thyr2-tyr3 commands, occur constantly. You need to know who and whom replaced and how long the team plays a new composition.
  • Adaptation to the patch. If there is a major update recently, it makes sense to see how the team adapts to the changes. Not all teams on the go join the patch.

The success of Dota 2 predictions comes with time and experience. Cybersport is a very young direction for betting and with due perseverance there is always a good opportunity to win.