Problems of Youth in the Modern Society

Despite all the attempts of mankind to control its present and future, the signs of global changes that marked the beginning of the third millennium are recognized as uncertainty and risk. On the edge of the main contradiction of our time is the youth, who is declared the heir of all problems of the existing world. Will young people be able to cope with them?

There are two diametrically opposed approaches. On the one hand, young people are declared carriers of negativity, social evil, and confirmation of this is found in the non-acceptance of the values of the existing society by the youth or a part of it. On the other hand, for the same reason, young people are proclaimed the bearer of good, not burdened by mistakes by a part of humanity, capable of altering and reconstructing this far from perfect world by new measures. But in both cases, young people are considered a national resource.

As a part of society, it is subject to the influence of its objective conditions, i.e. external threats and risks in relation to it. Young people are more at risk of being left without education, not finding work, creating families, failing to compete in business, being marginalized. On the other hand, social adulthood is reflected in the acquisition and changes in one's own social status during the integration of youth into the structure of society.The choice of patterns and behavior strategies is the essence of internal or subjective risk, which is an integral part of the choice of an independent life path by the youth and the locomotive of self-realization and social progress.

The behavior of the younger generation is more susceptible to deviation from the generally accepted norms and rules in society. To do this, we use our own methods of expression: slang, style, symbolism, fashion, manner, act, etc.

The main reasons for the deviant behavior of young people is the attitude of society towards it. Undoubtedly, all these problems arose only when the environment began to treat adolescents as a special group of people and grant them special rights. It should be noted that it is really inherent for a young person to critically evaluate the social reality surrounding him/her from the point of view of opportunities for self-realization and achievement of the desired status.