Key Tactical Strategies in CSGO

Many players do not pay attention to the fact that to win in Counter Strike, it is important not only to be able to shoot well with different types of weapons, but also to understand tactical features, and ideally to develop several strategies in advance. Competent coherent actions of the allies will always lead to more productive results than chaotic actions, even if such a team includes players with better reaction and more refined shooting skills. That is why it is always important to have the tactical strategies and correctly understand how to act in certain situations the right way. This knowledge will help you to bet with and get profit.

How to Use Grenades?

So let's get started with the main points you should know to succeed. Immediately it is worth noting the fact that the use of false grenades is absolutely useless. They may be effective in certain situations, but not always, so it is better to spend money to purchase “flash drives”, which in any case will be useful to you. Thus, you should observe the following priority of buying grenades: smoke; flash; fragment.

Many people believe that a flash is always more important and more vital than smoke, but in reality this is far from true. Light grenades make it possible to decide the outcome of a particular skirmish, and are most often used to provide a surprise effect, while smoke is a stable control of space, which is extremely important for winning the round. It is for this reason that it is better to give preference to smoke, which allows you to reject the enemy for a few seconds, than to use a flash, which gives an incredibly short-term advantage.

Again, in some situations, even if it is necessary to use the flash urgently, you can competently simulate it with the help of smoke. It is much more important to win a round through the smoke than to just rip another frag due to a well-thrown flash, not to mention that a player with a good reaction in most cases will be able to turn away and all the advantage of the flash will be reduced to zero. If we are talking about the defense of the positions of the CT, here smoke grenades become practically decisive at all, since in some situations they help significantly stretch the time.

Aggressive Game - the Key to Victory

Often, the attackers have a considerable advantage if the team knows how to conduct the offensive correctly and “push” its opponent. With a proper offensive, the attacker will always determine the position of the defenders before they can react to his appearance, and the only exception in this case can be called a competently defensive sniper who is constantly looking for a certain way out. In an attack, it is important to never stand passively in one place and constantly force the enemy to respond to itself. If you are playing a competent aggressive game, you literally impose your style on the enemy, as a result of which he finds himself in a disadvantageous position. As you can see, there is much to learn about CSGO strategies. Do this and the success is yours!