How to Convert PDF to Word and Word to PDF?

Are you familiar with the situation when you need to urgently convert a document from PDF format to DOC or DOCX format? For example, you may need to fix something in PDF document or the teacher has asked to sumbit a paper in this format. Time does not wait, and you need to do everything at a pace. Direct copying of text from pdf to word is far from the best solution. It is applicable if the text in the pdf file is not copy protected but often the formulas and formatting look not the best way.

As a result, instead of the well-formatted and neat text, which you've worked so hard on, you get something unclear. How to avoid a similar situation and resolve the issue quickly and elegantly? Convert PDF to Word online and get the necessary editable document. How to do this the best way if you need to get an editable document as quickly as possible? Let's check!

How to Convert from PDF to Word and Back?

Let's start with the conversion of PDF-DOC. You can use online converters, which are vast on the Internet. The converter is such a program of transfer from pdf to word online, i.e. in real time. Another thing is that, as practice shows, not every one of them copes with the task. Not all existing services can convert text from pdf to word qualitatively. Take this into account when choosing an online converter. Give preference to reputable sites with positive testimonials.

You should just upload your document and in a couple of minutes you will get it in a different format. If for some reason it is inconvenient for you to access the website and convert the document online, then you should consider offline converters from one format to another. Also, there are paid programs. If you download and install such program. You can use trial version for a whole month and then decide whether it is worth paying for it.

You can convert from pdf to Word online using Google. Almost everyone has a mail service on Google. So, upload the document to pdf on google-disk, then choose “Open with”, further - “Google documents”. In the opened document choose “File” - “Download as” - “Microsoft Word (DOCX)”. That's it.

How to save the Word in pdf? In this case, everything is much simpler. The Word is perfectly able to save files in PDF format - so, when saving a document, just specify the desired format. In fact, all Microsoft Office programs can save in pdf.