How to Become an Efficient Naga Trader

How to Become an Efficient Naga Trader

Naga is the international online trading platform that has been operating since 2015. Being a Fintech company, it applies decentralized technology to support global investors. Naga provides traders and investors with almost 800 tradable assets, including Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Futures, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies. To become a successful player on the Naga platform, you need to follow some basic routine. To learn more information, keep reading.

Open an account

To start your membership of the Naga community, you need to open a trade account with any broker cooperating with the platform. Why is it necessary? Because Naga happens to be a junction between many brokers, including OneFinancial, FX trading, IB, BlackBull Markets, ThinkMarkets, BDSwiss, Portex, FPMarkets, GKFX, and AxiTrader. When you open an account with the Naga Markets, you are provided with default access to NAGA TRADER, Naga Wallet, Naga native Coin (NGC), Naga Virtual, Naga Stocks, and Naga Wealth.

Create a Demo Account before Going Any Further

Naga provides first-time users with an opportunity to explore the platform. Thanks to its “Demo Account” feature, you can get a knack of the features of the platform before staying with it fully. Currently, it takes $2,500 virtual money to launch a demo account. There are not many differences between the LIVE and the Demo accounts. The number of CFDs usage can be a bit different, but that’s it. The whole routine undertaken by a demo user is only accessible to the other demo profiles and vice versa. No LIVE account can be reached by a demo user. Also, you will be able to follow other users, interact with them, copy their actions, and so on.

Choose the Trading Features to Focus on

If you decide on trading with Naga, you can benefit from some extra trading characteristics that can make your online experience easier. These include:

  • Naga CYBO: You can use a Smart Trading Tool in order to identify the best trading options. Thanks to this AI-based automatic advisor, you will receive a personalized investment strategy for the further implementation.
  • Naga Portfolio Investing: You can trade different types of assets according to one of the levels: Conservative, Moderate, Growth. Thus, you will easily choose the most suitable deadline for an investment: short-, mid-, and long-term.
  • Social Trading: As long as Naga does not accept auto copying performed by customers, you can initiate a conversation with other traders. The broker operates a news feed, market sentiment data, and a traders’ leaderboard, as well as the capability, so you can make a profit.
  • Crypto Wallet: Thanks to a free crypto wallet, you can keep cryptocurrencies and fiat assets safely. It will be automatically linked to Naga’s social investing network.
  • NAGA Card: You can link your MaterCard trading account with the physical environment for immediate withdrawals.

Get Familiar with the Major Functions

Your trading routine will be shared by the autonomous operating system of the platform. Thus, you will easily operate different kinds of cryptos, fiat-based currencies, stocks, commodities, games-based virtual items, future indices, etc. Similar to any other social media resource, you are allowed to follow and copy other traders easily. In addition, you will be able to get a piece of advice from an artificial intelligence-based robot advisor known as “CYBO.” This online mechanism will assist you in investments, market activities, and relevant market trends. To make things easier for you, you can benefit from Naga Portfolios for investment and trading purposes.

Make Profit on the Platform

Make Profit on the Platform

The copying of trades and the rating of the trader strategies affect the bonuses you can receive. Depending on the trades copied, you can estimate bonuses. The more followers you have, the higher bonus you can get. Sometimes unprofessional activities from the signal providers cause certain risks. Thus, it is important to focus on the activities and the stock trader’s behavior before trusting it.

Closing Note

Trusting Naga is easy because of its long-standing trusted performance. Being developed for the millennial as well as the traditional investors and traders, you can surely find your place in this online resource. Thanks to the combination of social media investment and trading, you can get in touch with other members for different purposes. Being highly competitive and highly user-friendly, Naga lets new users get some confidence of trading by copying trades from the established brokers. That way, you can benefit from effective mass participation. By following the above-mentioned recommendations, you have a green light for starting your adventure with this unique trading platform.