Benefits of Using an Online Resource Like BookNet

Today, BookNet becomes more and more popular among writers and readers across the world. With more than three million users, they sell over two million eBooks annually. At, authors can either publish their books for free or sell them to someone else. Authors monetize even those books that they are still writing. Selling drafts by subscription lets them make a profit before completing the work. What’s good is that the website happens to deal with several foreign languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The Major Operations Performed by BookNet

While BookNet is known by many online, it is still good to know the major activities it has to deal with. Here are some of them:

  • Free self-publishing: Publishing free books at Booknet is a serious piece of work. This online resource always promoted their authors’ books through social media and search engines. By publishing books free of charge, you catch the readers’ attention and encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Chargeable subscription: An author can receive a commercial status and encourage a paid subscription. A subscription book is one the author is still writing. While the subscription lasts three months, the author keeps selling the same book after the completion phase.
  • Completed book sales: You can distribute your complete eBooks on BookNet. But this action can be taken by authors with at least one subscription.
  • Regular contests: At BookNet, contests are organized directly by the publishers. The winners of these contests get their book published in print and gain a bunch of rewards.

The Benefits for the Writing Community

BookNet has a lot of benefits you can rely on. While most of them are pretty obvious, some of them require some clarification:

  • The system of blogs and testimonials makes it easier for you to promptly send your news to the readers and get a review of each published section.
  • By communicating with Booknet’s readers, you are constantly boosting the number of your book’s readers.
  • Every writer who purchases a subscription on Booknet gets free banners and numerous marketing specialists for his book. The search engine optimization network attracts new readers. As you can see, their experts develop ads and launch promotional campaigns within a small period of time.

Join BookNet in order to have a pleasing online experience. Thanks to a good publisher, your novel will be published in the best printing traditions.