What Are the Benefits of Having CASCO Insurance?

Today, some car owners, trying to save money, limit themselves to buying insurance for a car known as the obligatory one - OSAGO. Since car insurance is mandatory for every driver, OSAGO in this case is much cheaper than CASCO. However, most car owners have little understanding of the meaning of car insurance, and the possible consequences of an accident. So, first of all, let's consider the main features of OSAGO. Thanks to such car insurance, in the event of any accident because of the driver’s fault a complete repair of the second injured car belonging to another driver will be made.

CASCO Is the Insurance That Will Take Care of Your Interests

It turns out that by paying such insurance for your car every year, you insure yourself against all payments to repair other people's cars in the event of an accident. But who will take care of your interests in such a situation? And for this you need a different car insurance contract https://kasko2go.com/. And such a contract is insurance called CASCO. Agree that the broken cars after the accident are not always thrown into landfill. Often, as a result of an accident, car damage is not severe. And all the simple work, such as replacing the wing or the doors of the car, can be done without any risks for the future controllability of the car. However, the problem is the following — perhaps, in this period of time, you don’t have money for such repairs. It is for this reason that CASCO insurance is very convenient.

In addition to the accident, there are other unpleasant situations - hijackings, accidents, fires, etc. However, insurance of OSAGO will not save you from such unexpected troubles. To get financial assistance in these cases, the owner of the car must buy such insurance for his/her vehicle, as CASCO insurance. This insurance is not mandatory and is purchased on a voluntary basis. In the automotive world, people are divided into two categories: those who insure CASCO and those who do not insure, the reaction of these two categories of drivers after an accident can be seen with the naked eyes.

Choose the amount of insurance for the car, make a payment, and a year of driving with a calm nervous system is guaranteed. The roads are always full of “professional” drivers, so it is better to spend now, so as not to pay later several times more than you could pay for the additional insurance.