Youth Art & Design Program

There is Art & Design as one of its youth development programs. It currently operates an arts studio and uses various visual art mediums, including painting, pottery, photography, and silk screening, to help youth at risk heal, rebuild their lives, and create compelling futures. Features of this youth art program include personal and group lessons, youth design workshops, all-day painting sessions, and public exhibits of their work.

Through youth art programs, youth are able to express their emotions, talents, and unlimited imagination. Youth projects are an exciting and engaging way for them to show youth initiative, create amazing and positive artwork, and channel their energy towards non-destructive or community-minded activities.

Community Collaborations

In this program, each community works on collaborative projects with other community agencies and organizations.

Written Word Program

Youth are invited to explore the literary arts through this youth art program. One of the first exploratory exercises that youth engage in is personal journal writing. One-to-one guidance on diary and literary development (e.g., poetry, storytelling, and spoken word) and journal writing support is also available as part of this youth program.