What You'd Want to Buy Along With a Standing Desk

Perhaps, you've already heard about the office stuff that helps to prevent problems with both physical and mental health. Most of the successful US companies have some of those tools and equipment in their offices. They all report better working results. Washington Post and experts from other newspapers have enough evidence to claim that standing desks boost productivity and resolve some of the health issues.

In addition to standing desks, there are some other items and supplies that can add up to the overall efficiency. We have compared different products and created the list of top-preferred goods for office usage. Here we go!

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling Chairs

Even those who prefer standing all day long would agree that we all need to sit and relax from time to time. In fact, no office has completely switched to standing exclusively. Besides, no labor law can force an employee to stand if they prefer sitting.

So, if you feel okay with sitting for hours, but the pain in the neck and back still disturbs you from time to time, the best solution might be a kneeling chair. A standing desk is not the only way to reduce pain in the body. To minimize lower back or sciatic ache, one may think about purchasing a kneeling chair. Many doctors prescribe this item to patients with different types of pain caused by prolonged sitting.

Pick a kneeling chair to get rid of the pressure or pick a natural curve in the back. These items are offered to improve the overall ergonomics of the posture. It is not necessary to make a kneeling chair your primary and only sitting method. You can have it as an extra option. It does not cost a lot, so, it shouldn't be a problem for your company to buy several items.

Over one month of usage, many customers report dramatic improvements in their physical and even mental health. The kneeling chairs help to relax and feel more rested. The best prices start at $250. Try to select a chair with an angled seat that shifts your weight to the shins. It will take the pressure off your body.



Most of the modern office supplies and gadgets are focused on employee's comfort, focus, and health, and this innovation is not an exception. It will be a perfect addition to standing workstations and kneeling chairs. Having all of these items will help to get rid of any sort of pain once and forever.

Just imagine how much your neck and eyes suffer when having to type all day long. Some people, like copywriters and SEO experts, type so many words per day that they hardly feel their fingers and hands by the end of the shift. It is not a problem if you personally or your company has provided its employees with the so-called Gest. It will replace the keyboard completely once you get acquainted with it!

This wearable device does not request extra room – it is simply put on one's hands. The idea is that this gadget makes it possible to control the target digital device in a highly intuitive way. The person has only to focus on the topic and ideas. After trying this product, most office workers share that they have no desire to use computers or keyboards again. You can use this item in a combination with multiple monitors. For that, choose the best monitor arms for comfortable work.

The device perfectly recognizes human gestures. It reacts to them, and you get the desired result. Here is what one can do with the help of Gest:

  • Point at the screen to move the mouse
  • Enter words
  • Rotate a 3D object
  • Forget about keyboard once and forever!

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Coffee lovers who cannot imagine their office day without this drink should definitely pay attention to this option. A minimalistic electric kettle would be a great gift for any office employee. This drink can get you through the day even when you initially feel tired or bored. The guys from Harvard name plenty of advantages of drinking coffee as well as the recommended doses per day.

Just keep an electric kettle from companies like Stagg EKG around all the time. Purchase some good coffee beans and enjoy another cup when you are feeling out of energy. With this tool, it will take a couple of minutes to brew an excellent cup of coffee. Do not forget about security measures when using this type of device.



Not only the way we move and what we eat matter, in addition to physical exercises, one should breathe fresh air. Unfortunately, there is not much time to have a walk in the park when working full-time. However, plants and trees may replace parks at least partially. They also guarantee a better quality of air.

Fill your office with greenery, and you'll find yourself feeling better very soon. However, this accessory may need a bit of upkeep. But it is a decoration and powerful anti-pollution tool at the same time. Before deciding on which plant to buy, it's necessary to read more about their qualities and benefits as well as compare prices. Check out the sizes to make sure the plants will have enough room at your table or standing desk.

The good idea is to get a counselor at the garden center or elsewhere. In any case, most of the plants offered for office minimize stress levels, prevent depressions, lead to higher productivity, and soften ambient noise. You can read more pros from experts in this article.

Stability Balls and Resistance Bands

Stability Balls

Those interested in standing desks and kneeling chairs usually care about their health. That is why they are ready to invest money in these items. Some other good solutions for your office health support include stability balls and resistance bands.

These products help to enhance core strength and balance while at work or at home. They are also frequently used in gyms, so they would suit your corporate gym perfectly if you have one. Stability balls are helpful for physical fitness and rehabilitation assignments. Experts recommend using them from an early age. If it becomes your habit, you'll benefit from it for the rest of your life. They help to:

  • Reduce pain and exhaustion
  • Improve balance & coordination
  • Increase endurance
  • Complement aerobic programs
  • Strengthen different groups of muscles

The good idea is to replace traditional office chairs with the kneeling ones and use stability balls or resistance bands from time to time. Sure, it would be a problem to work that way all day long, but you can switch to such items from time to time. In addition, you may also purchase posters, storage racks, ball chairs, etc. From business to rehabilitation environment, these items will not leave anyone indifferent. You can always compare and contrast prices as well as product descriptions to choose the best options for your business and employees!