Plunge in the World of Fantasy: Top-5 Interesting Books

Books are the foundation of the whole world fiction. Our list includes only those books and cycles that have become universally recognized pillars of fantastic literature or have had a significant impact on the development of certain fantastic trends. Are you a fan of fantasy? Then, don't pass by where there is a large choice of the most interesting books.

A List of the Books that Are Worth Your Attention

Check what books in the genre of fantasy have made the greatest contribution to the genre.

  1. HG Wells War of the Worlds. A classic work that opened several directions in the NF. This is the first book about the invasion of the merciless "alien" on Earth. However, Wells went beyond the theme of the “War of the Worlds”. The writer creates an impressive gallery of behavioral models of people in the extreme conditions of the threat of total annihilation hanging over them. Before us is actually a foresight of the development of society in the period of the coming world wars.
  2. Arthur Clark "2001: A Space Odyssey". Based on the old story, Arthur Clark composed the screenplay for the film Stanley Kubrick - the first real NF-epic of world cinema. A novelization has become a symbol of serious space science fiction. No "star wars", no superheroes with blasters. A realistic story about the expedition to Jupiter, during which the machine mind reaches its limit, but a person is able to cross any limits of the possible.
  3. Joanne Roling, Harry Potter Cycle. You can have different attitudes to books about the young magician in round glasses, who put the whole world on their ears, but Roling's merits to science fiction and literature are unquestionable in general. The true magic of Harry Potter is that he brought the book back into the hands of the younger generation, revived the interest in reading, which was extinguished under the onslaught of multimedia entertainment. And so many millions of copies and fabulous profits - only a consequence.
  4. Howard Phillips Lovecraft Stories. At the beginning of the 20th century, official science asserted that life on the planet had existed for many billions of years, also suggesting that unknown cosmic spaces lay outside the Earth. All these abysses of time and distance frightened - and Lovecraft was able to express these fears. But, more importantly, the writer has created a single mythological background for his works. His novels, in proper proportion mixing what was said and hidden, still excite the imagination of readers.
  5. Charles de Lint, the cycle of "Legends of Newford". The most impressive cycle of "everyday fantasy" - magic stories, which take place in the modern world. Among the numerous novels and stories there was a place for different literary movements: a city fairy tale, a thriller, a psychological drama, a love story. Some books of de Lint look overly romantic, even naive.

When you have free time, you should definitely read at least one of the listed books.