Shungite water and how to make it in house conditions?

We are all concerned about our own health, the availability of sufficient minerals and other healing substances in our body, and we are also concerned about our children. Nature has prepared shungite water for us, so that we can get a complex effect from its use, and also get charged with the real power of nature.

Shungite found only Russian. Only here realize the production in almost pure form, which is very surprising! Most local residents have long understood, back in the 18th century. It perfectly helped with wounds, sprains, bruises, scratches, burns. Local residents bathed in the miraculous solution, prepared food from it, special proportions, prepared food from it.

Shungite at the present stage

–źlready in the 90-years of the last century, this unique stone was devoted to numerous conferences, many books about it appeared. The possibility of adding shungite to water makes it possible to enrich it with oxygen, increases the amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other necessary useful mineral components.

It is not surprising that water has become very popular, because it has a multi-faceted healing effect, is completely safe, and also it does not have unpleasant contraindications, which the rest of the medical preparations can not boast of. In water, you will definitely appreciate the pleasant taste of the mineral-rich solution, which due to its complex mineral composition, as well as the presence of carbon-based fullerene. Stones complex diseases without any problems, and also demonstrates what the power of nature means!

Has realized back in 1998, when turned out to have the strongest antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, to act as long-lasting antioxidants that easily suppress any harmful microorganisms!

Fullerenes are unique compounds that are able to normalize the metabolism of organic compounds in cells, attract and engage in reliable neutralization of various pollutants carried by water. They are engaged in the destruction of free radicals, prevent aging of the body, perfectly purify and restructure the composition of water.

Fullerenes are still actively studied by various scientists, they are actively used in physics, chemistry, medicine, biology. The useful properties of fullerenes are still completely unknown, but stone water has gained huge popularity and is now used for a variety of purposes. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of fullerenes, because their main mission in our body is to resist free radicals, prevent the emergence of harmful microorganisms. A powerful and long-acting antioxidant will become a reliable protective barrier for your body!

Varieties of shungite

It should not be assumed that the composition of shungite is the same everywhere. Thus, elite varieties of shungite are able to significantly increase their indicators of shungite availability. In some cases, premium varieties of shungite contain up to 98 percent organic carbon, which is a completely exclusive and cool indicator. In other varieties, this indicator may be several times lower, which should be taken into account during the purchase process. In addition, this stones can easily perform complex neutralization of harmful impurities, provides the presence of powerful antioxidants, and easily eliminates unpleasant odors. The shungite offered by our company is made only from elite grades of stone. Therefore, its benefits are undeniable and great!

How can I use this water

Elite stones water stones it can be very diverse. So, it is perfect for your Pets, makes flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time. Shungite water can be used for filling the bathroom, for daily drinking, as well as at high sports loads, which is especially important for those who are seriously engaged in light atlecticism. On the way, to wash your face, as boiling water for coffee or tea. In a very short time, you will feel its comprehensive, comprehensive effect, which is very important for most consumers!

You will only need to use 2-3 glasses of water a day to feel the excellent healing effect. It is used in Wellness resorts, as well as in fitness centers and other places that promote a healthy lifestyle. The use of black shungite is as simple and clear as possible. It is brewed in a special enamel pot, and then it is adjusted for 3 days. Thanks to the powerful effect of sunlight, shungite can become a reliable way to heal from various health problems.

To successfully prepare shungite water, you need to add 100 g of shungite to 1 liter of pure water and infuse for 48 hours. After six months of use, it is necessary to replace shungite, because it strongly absorbs most pollutants. In addition, it is recommended to put your shungite in the sun only once a week for a period of 1-2 hours, so that it is charged with solar energy. Only then will the stone be able to have full healing properties.

The cycle of using stones is simply endless! It will constantly effectively fight against pollution and will retain its healing properties for a long time! We wish you good health along with unique shungite stones!