CBG Vape - Is It the Next Big Thing??

You might already gather all possible information about CBD, but have you come across the term CBG vape ? If you did not, you are certainly going to learn a lot on this topic while reading our article. We will explain what CBG is and what are its potential health benefits. We can also assure you will get to know some surprising facts that might blow your socks off.

CBG Vape Is a New “Kid” in the Block You Really Want to Meet

You do not hear about CBG often. You can find tons of information about THC and CBD, but right now it might be the first time you have heard about CBG. There is a lot of other cannabidiol out there and CBG aka cannabigerol is one of them.

What Is Cannabigerol?

As its name suggests, cannabigerol is a type of cannabinoid that is produced by the cannabis plant. But here is a really cool twist. Cannabigerol is also known as the mother of all cannabinoids, so every other cannabinoid (THC, CBD, CBC etc.) is created from CBGA which is nothing else than cannabigerolic acid.

Let’s have closer look at what is going on in the cannabis plant. In order to create cannabigerolic acid there must interact two specific compounds:

  • geranyl pyrophosphate
  • olivetolic acid

And here is cannabigerolic acid. What happens next is that it interacts with plant enzymes. And that is how all other cannabinoids are created. In fact, we can think of it as the building block, with just a little push it creates everything else. Fascinating, isn’t it?

What Are the 3 Main Benefits

CBG the same as THC and CBD can relieve pain and reduce anxiety. But what is really mind blowing is its anti-inflammatory effects. It might help with these health issues:

  1. It can decrease pressure in the eyes and therefore it could help treat glaucoma.
  2. It can also have a positive effect for patients with Crohn’s diseases and bowel diseases.

To sum it up the major benefits are pain relief, reduction of anxiety and anti-inflammatory effect. There have been only a few studies.

CBG Vape

Mice Studies

Although there is still a lot of mystery surrounding cannabigerol, the study on mice showed very promising results. It helped slow down the colon cancer progression and protected the healthy brain cells in mice with Huntington’s disease.

You Might Find This Useful

Vaping has become very popular recently. It is legal and often serves as an alternative to nicotine cigarettes. However, you can find out that it is banned or restricted in your country . It is always best to check with local authorities to avoid any possible legal consequences.

What Vapers Need to Know about CBG?

First of all you have to differentiate between CBG oil and CBG vape juice. You cannot vape CBG oil! There are basically applied the same rules as with CBD vape. Inexperienced vapers might make this common mistake and purchase CBG oil instead of CBG vape juice. What could happen? Your device could be damaged as the oil is simply not suitable for vaping.

Can CBG Interact with Prescribed Medicine?

That is a great question. Cannabinoids including BCG have many health benefits. However, if you are taking prescribed medicine, know cannabinoids may interact with them . The list includes commonly prescribed drugs, pain relief pills or birth control pills. If you are taking any kind of medicine, it is always better to check if the one you are using is not on the list of contradictory medicines or consult with your GP.

Cannabigerol Sure Have a Great Potential

CBG vape juice could be a suitable alternative to CBD and THC vape juice, if you seek pain relief, reduction of anxiety or a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

It is always best to double check if you are not taking any contradictory medicine. CBG is considered safe to use and has a very promising future.

Have you tried it? If you had also tried CBD, could you describe how it is different from vaping CBG? Do you have any personal tips? Drop a note in the comments below.