Healing Power of Creative Activity

Creative activity generates new emotions, sensations, and reasonings that allow us to know ourselves and the world around us, which means that it helps us develop our psyche and the ability to communicate with the world around us. Creative manifestation is a constant source of self-enrichment and self-improvement: it maintains accuracy and coordination of movement, develops imagination, intuition, independence and the ability to criticize. When we create, we forget about everything else.

According to Freud, the strongest pain is not felt or remains unconscious if the mind is engaged in some other activity. Whatever this pain is: physical or moral, it softens if we are distracted and begin to create. To create means to exist, and to start a creative process, it is not necessary to be Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci.

Even if you do not have creative impulses, you can easily develop a creative spirit, listening to music, attending concerts and exhibitions, reading books and newspapers to keep up with your time. This can be expressed in the reception of guests, and in needlework, and in gardening or the arrangement of a home. The point is that getting pleasure from life and creating positive emotions, it is necessary to make the nerve cells work.

Is it true that self-respect plays a big role in intellectual development? Indeed, self-respect plays a very important role. The more you are supported, the more confident you are and the sooner you learn something new. A study was conducted with two groups of elderly people who were supposed to fold the puzzle: one group was supported in every possible way, and the other group was not supported. As a result, both in terms of speed and results, the group that was supported achieved better results than the group without support.

In fact, passive observation of outsiders does not improve the results, and self-esteem and self-confidence, resulting from outside support, are undeniable psychological factors that, regardless of age, optimize intellectual abilities.