Bitcoin Crypto Price Calculator with Live BTC Exchange Rate

Crypto investment and trading demand up-to-date information on the crypto rates, the market situation, news background, and other factors that affect the efficiency of trading. To succeed in investing, you should be able to analyze:

  • technical component of a project you invest in;
  • global economic factors;
  • news background and hype that can affect cryptocurrency rates;
  • crypto charts and historical price indicators can help you understand the future crypto rates fluctuations.

Investors use a cryptocurrency price calculator to find out the current crypto rates. Let’s see why it is needed for a trader.

Bitcoin Calculator on WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe, supporting over 400 crypto pairs and enabling popular trading tools:

  • smart staking;
  • spot trading;
  • p2p;
  • futures;
  • margin;
  • trading with leverage;
  • bots;
  • codes;
  • etc.

The section “Exchange” features the cryptocurrency price calculator where users can enter any crypto asset and see how many coins are needed to buy any other crypto asset and at what fee. The calculator always shows the live crypto price. 

For example, suppose you want to buy BTC and own ETH. You click the calculator and enter the number of ETH you are ready to exchange for BTC. The calculator will show you the current rate for this pair and give the number of BTC possible for acquiring and the fee you will have to pay for such a transaction. 

The WhiteBIT exchange provides lightning-fast trades at low costs - only 0,10% for any amount of transaction. The platform also allows buying crypto assets with fiat currencies. For it, you should register an account and verify it, deposit dollars or euros from your bank card, and go to the “Exchange” section to buy any crypto you want according to the current cryptocurrency rates in the market.