Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten began to be used in jewelry quite recently but managed to conquer the public with extraordinary strength and durability. However, is this unusual metal “eternal” and should it be preferred over silver and gold? Let's figure it out. Check Tungsten rings features below.

Tungsten Carbide Properties

Tungsten is unusually hard, and its density is twice that of lead. In conjunction with carbon, the metal turns into tungsten carbide: a material with a hardness comparable to diamond, wear-resistant and almost non-reactive to oxidation. It is tungsten carbide, in addition to the manufacture of cutting parts and projectile cores, used in jewelry.

The main reasons why tungsten is a popular material for jewelry is its durability and resistance to deformation. Even after many years of wearing on the product does not appear scratches, cracks, the decoration retains its original shape. In addition, we must not forget about another important and valuable quality of this metal - tungsten rarely causes allergies, which allows you to wear it to almost everyone without exception.

Noble Shine of Tungsten

Tungsten rings are particularly popular with men. They are durable, their steel shine is elegant and unobtrusive. In addition, such products are considered to be self-polishing. In tungsten jewelry, additional coating may be used. For example, zirconium coating gives the finished product a golden tone, the method of ion deposition blackens the decoration, and the silver tint is natural for tungsten. It is possible to add a laser engraving inside or outside the ring with the help of and it will become even more unique.

Female tungsten jewelry is preferred by confident, strong girls. Combining such a decoration with others is not easy, it will require an outstanding sense of style. However, a ring made of tungsten does not require a neighborhood - such a decoration in itself looks weighty and complete.

Various stones are also inserted into tungsten ornaments and engraved. But all this is done in a production environment. In a simple jewelry workshop, you cannot reduce or enlarge a tungsten ring, fix a lock on a bracelet, or engrave it. Being very hard and dense materials, tungsten requires special equipment and tools.