Our Values

iHuman never gives up on anyone.
We never turn a youth down.

Strong at the core. Stronger in the community.

The authentic culture at the Society is one of acceptance, openness and a genuine willingness to support youth. The focus is to offer youth opportunities to meet with iHuman professional staff and other social agency personnel as required, to engage in harm reduction activities, and participate in arts-related activities that foster positive self-worth and encourage reintegration into the community.

iHuman Values Statement

  • We never give up on youth.

  • We respect youth as unique individuals.

  • We listen to youth and their needs and we change our programs according to demand.

  • We remain attractive to youth. We won’t become too institutional.

  • We are non-judgmental.

  • We promote opportunities for self-expression (e.g., in art work). It is empowering for youth who must feel they are heard.

  • We are open to all high-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 24, unconditionally.

  • We are committed to developing mentors among youth and want our staff to grow with them (personal development at all levels and for all concerned).

  • We value opportunities for youth to advance in life and make positive contributions in society.

  • We want youth to feel connected to iHuman as a family: supported to be healthy and productive while learning to maximize their own unique abilities.