Care Programs

Outreach:Primary Support and Harm Reduction This program of care centers provides (sometimes 24/7) service and outreach support to youth. Youth are often disenfranchised from other services because of the high-risk nature of their lifestyles and needs. Outreach workers develop a trust relationship and bond with youth to deliver personal and individualized service to address needs. Collaboration and connection with a variety of social service agencies is key.
LiNKS (proposed 2013-15) This mental health intervention and health promotion program. The program will operate with two psychologists/ counsellors who will mentor Masters/PhD students in mental health intervention, and health promotion and support to youth. A key aim will be to reduce the stigma that may prevent youth from seeking appropriate support. Youth mentors will also facilitate support. Learning assessments will be offered on a limited basis through partner support. Art therapy Masters students may also provide art support.

Youth learn about care centers through street credibility. Referrals come from a number of agencies, advocacy programs, as well as through outreach workers. Some of the youth use formal programs (e.g., art, Woven Journey). Many access for social services (e.g., suicide prevention). Engaged at every level, outreach team collaborates with other service providers and programs in an effort to drive social innovation.

The outreach team’s time is mainly spent helping youth access primary care in terms of medical and dental, housing, food, and other basic needs. From intake to addiction treatment, the team provides youth with experienced support and connections to various social services, advocacy and wellness including medical and dental care.