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Asocial Behavior: What Is It and What Are Its Causes?

Normal "healthy" behavior in adolescents implies the interaction of the adolescent with the society, with surrounding people, adequate to the needs in life and his ability to harmonize socialization in society.

Become a Better Person with the Help of Art Therapy

An art as a form of reflection and assimilation of reality, the form of sensory cognition, as an element of culture, influences the development of the personality, helps to manifest and develop the creative abilities of a person. Art therapy is a combination of psychology and creativity.

Why Is It So Important to Adapt in the Modern Society?

Social adaptation is defined as adaptation to social conditions. There are two phases of adaptation: the first is an external adaptation to new social conditions, while the second is the phase of internalization, or the inclusion of social norms and values in the inner world - Online Casinos in Österreich.

If the values of the social environment do not correspond or even contradict the meaning and tasks of personal development, entry into the second phase can cause irreparable harm. In ideal conditions, the values and norms of society must be harmonized with the laws of personal development. If this does not happen, then it would be wrong to talk about social adaptation as a process of assimilating norms and values of society.

The Necessity to Understand What Is “ Good “ and “Bad”

In the preschool age, so-called internal ethical instances must be formed, that is, the child must learn what is good and what is bad. To assimilate the notions of "good" and "evil," the child must see their manifestations in the social environment where he is, and not just see, but learn to distinguish between them. Children need to master these categories: with their help they learn to navigate the world, which is a condition for normal child development. The world of modern children is a world that gradually loses its landmarks, a world where an open inversion sometimes happens: the substitution of good for evil.

Such social "suggestions" prevent a child from distinguishing between black and white kissaluv fitted, which means that it will be difficult for him to orient himself/herself in the world. Often, this is manifested in the form of identifying yourself with a negative character, which seems childlike. Evil becomes attractive not without the help of adults who want to destroy traditional cultural ideas, replacing them with "modern" - although this "modernism" is no longer one hundred years old.

The period of adolescence is full of problems of the discrepancy between the morality of society and the laws of mental and spiritual development. This difficult and important period of a person's life is now accompanied by numerous temptations, publicly and privately proposed by the society in the form of propaganda for sex, alcohol, freedom, etc.

Such "pluralism", falsely mistaken for freedom, complicates the choice of one's own path, the choice of values, the formation of a worldview, the choice of one's image, one's identity. If the person can't find his/her life path on his/her own, there are organizations that help people to solve problems with the social adaptation, communication, getting rid of addictions, and other problems and directing the negative energy into the positive one.

Healing Power of Creative Activity

Creative activity generates new emotions, sensations, and reasonings that allow us to know ourselves and the world around us, which means that it helps us develop our psyche and the ability to communicate with the world around us.

Problems of Youth in the Modern Society

Despite all the attempts of mankind to control its present and future, the signs of global changes that marked the beginning of the third millennium are recognized as uncertainty and risk. On the edge of the main contradiction of our time is the youth, who is declared the heir of all problems of the existing world. Will young people be able to cope with them?

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